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Justin Bieber - Favorite Girl chords

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Hey guys, this is my first tab, hope you enjoy it. I played it today, so I know it's correct :)

Intro: Em, Am, C, B7


Em                              Am                       
I always knew you were the best, the coolest girl I know,
C                             B7
so prettier than all the rest, the star of my show

Pre Chorus: 
Em                         Am
You're who I'm thinking of, girl you ain't my runner-up, 
C                  B7
And no matter what, you're always number one

Em                                Am
My prized possesion, one and only, adore ya girl I want cha
C                            B7
The one I can't live without, that's you, that's you
Em                       Am                     C                 B7
My favorite, my favorite, my favorite, my favorite girl, y favorite girl

And it's basically the same for the rest of the song! Rate and comment!

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