Justin Currie - The Darkness Of The Day chords

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Justin Currie
The Darkness of the Day

Someone needs to tab these songs of Justin's!!! :)
This is a lovely little tune about a man in love with a prostitute; written by one 
of the greatest songwriters of our age. (a bit dramatic, but that's what Justin would've wanted).

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CAPO VI (that's six for you none Romans)
All chords relative to capo

G5, C5, G5, C5

G      D/F#    C5
All I want is you
G             D/F#            C5
A soul to see me through
Em                     C            D             G
Somebody to keep the darkness from the day

Em                G                      D/F#                  G
I'm going to the strip tonight to buy some company
              C                      G                D                     
I'm gonna drink to every soldier I can see

G5         D/F#         C5
Cuz all I want is you
G5           D/F#         C5
A taste of what you do
Em                           C      D          G
Just to literally take the edge off yesterday

Em                   G                      D/F#            G
I'm rolling from the twisted bed back into pergotry
                C               G                          D
But that's better than the hell that used to be me

G5            D/F#      C5
Cuz all I want is you
G5            D/F#            C5
So come on baby be good
Em                    C             D         G
Take me from the darkness of the day

Em                                               C
But why must you confer your love on others
In spite of what we share
        C                      D 
Those losers aint my brothers

G5          D/F#      C5
Cuz all I want is you
G5              D/F#       C5
And together just us two
Em                        C              D          G
We'll drive the bloody darkness from the day
Em                         C      D          G
And despell the ugly hair of yesterday
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