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Justin Hayward - Forever Autumn tab

Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward
Written by Jeff Wayne

standard tuning
capo 5th fret

Theres two funky chords justin throws in when he plays it. I don't really know either of 
official names

G* 3       F2  1
   0h1         1
   0           0
   0           2
   2           2
   3           1


Part 1                  Part 2

Am                             G

The summer sun is fading s the year grows old

F       Am     Dm       C       G    G*  G

    and darker days are drawing near

F          F2                 G   G*  G(ring)
the winter winds will be much colder

                  INTRO 1
now you're not hear


F        C               Bb                    (INTRO 1 optional)

Like the sun through the trees you came to love me

F      C         Bb              Am   Am7  Cmaj   Dm

like a leaf on a breeze you blew awayyyyyy

the rest of it repeats. if anyone has the solo post it!
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