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Justin Hayward - Children Of Paradise tab

Children of Paradise - by Justin Hayward (of the Moody Blues) -
words and music by Justin Hayward and Mickey Feat; from the CD "The View From the Hill"
My interpretation only - questions or comment; Tony -
This is a beautiful (spiritual) song.  Fingerpick throughout.
Z (Riff)	    G
        e ---------------------------|
        b -------------0-------------|
        g --0----2---------2---------|

Intro: 	 G		  	    Z
         / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /	(2X)
Verse:	G			      C				G   Z
	Like the crashing of a wave   on the shores of consciousness,
	We're alive and we're awake to the world,
	C				D
	And with the gift of love we're blessed.  Cos..

Chorus:	D      C	D      C    D	   C		   G      Z
	We can be,  yes we can be,  we can be  children of paradise.
	C	    G
	Children of paradise.

	In the twinkling of an eye or the turning of a page,
	Comes the moment when our time has arrived.
	We can never be the same.

Chorus (repeat)

Bridge:	    Bm    C	G				D
	And all I know  is we're still climbing up that hill
            Bm     C			 G		   D
	And all we need to sustain us is love of love, the light of life,
	  	Em		     A7	           C   D7
	And the faith to know we can heal.... like children.

	Through the violence and the rage, by the grace of love be still.
	And the spirit that breaks free from the cage
	Is the one they cannot kill.

Chorus: (repeat)
End:   ZC	    G	   Z	G
	Children of paradise	children of paradise.
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