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Justin Kintzel - Death Is Overcome chords

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Death is Overcome
Justin Kintzel
Tuning: Half-step down
Key of F#

Em      D               C       G                x2

Em      D               
Itís everywhere we go
Itís all around us now
C       G
Itís like a shadow on the light of day
And when it wages war
It preys on weary souls
Itís creeping in to take our life away

C                                          G            D
   But Death cannot have victory in us
C                                       G               D
   No death cannot have victory because

Your overwhelming light
Shatters the darkest night      
Wherever you are, wherever you are
Death is overcome

Your resurrection proves
Youíre making all things new
C                         D
Wherever You are, wherever you are
(Em     D               C       G)*      
Death is overcome

Em      D               C       G       

(Second time Instrumental)
C       G       D       C       Em      D       

Em      D
Youíre never scared away
Youíre never pushed around
C       G
Nothingís strong enough to make You move
Em      D
And now that we are Yours
We will not live in fear
C       G
This is a life that we can never lose

C            Em              G          D
And death cannot have victory in us
C            Em      G          D
No death, cannot have victory because

*second time this is replaced with the second instrumental 
Sorry for the spacing; upload changes things around.
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