Justin Roberts - Apple Tree chords

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(Capo on 2, D. note: G has added d)

Intro: D A-D Em-A-D Em-A-D (2x)

D             A     D
I am a little apple seed
D              A                 D
Sitting on the ground waiting to be
   Em   A   D        Em   A   D
An ap---ple tree, an ap---ple tree
D                          A     D
Everyone tells me that I知 oh so small
D                    A     D
And I知 never gonna grow to be
Em   A  D     Em  A   D
big and tall, big and tall

G     G/f# G    Em       A4-3
but I tell them wait and see . . .
G                    A      D
I知 gonna be like an apple tree
G                    A            D
I知 gonna let all my branches run free
G         A                   D
I知 gonna reach way up to the sun and
G       A             D
Open my arms for everyone
Em           A       D     D/a             G
And like an apple is sweet I知 gonna be so sweet

G/f#        Em    A             D
And like an apple shines in the sun (apple shines in the sun)
Em         A        D   G
I shine my light on everyone

G/f#          Em    A D   G G/f#       Em     A D
舛ause I知 an a-p-p-l-e, apple tree an a-p--p-l-e

Outro: D A-D Em-A-D Em-A-D (2x)
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