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Justin Timberlake - Suit Tie chords

Hey guys, just watched Justin Timberlake perform on SNL and figured I would put up 
the tab for this song.
It's really easy, really just 3 chords repeating over and over. I add a little of my own flavor like 
adding/omitting extra notes on the chords, but do whatever comes naturally to you. Anyway, here's my 
take on this song and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

   Em          DMaj7

----7----    ----5----
----8----    ----7----
----7----    ----6----
----9----    ----7----
----7----    ----5----
----X----    ----X----

These two chords repeat for most of the time, and when the band does the stops (at the beginning and 
end of the chorus: "she's so fine/you're all mine..." and "about love...") they just play a DMaj7 
further up on the neck:


Unfortunately, I can't tab out the rhythm and strum pattern so just listen to the song and I'm sure 
you'll hear what I'm talking about. 

And that's pretty much it. I like to play a transition chord sometimes when switching from the Dmaj7 
to the Em. It gives you the sound of walking up the bass note. So all in all, it would look something 
like this. 

   Em                 DMaj7               EbDim7
----7----           ----5----           ----X----
----8----           ----7----           ----7----
----7----    --->   ----6----    --->   ----5----   --->    Rinse and Repeat
----9----    --->   ----7----    --->   ----7----   --->
----7----           ----5----           ----6----
----X----           ----X----           ----X----

All in all, a really easy song and a pretty fun song to play acoustically if you 
sing too. Hope this helps, 
and if you have any questions send me an email at Peace!
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