Justin Townes Earle - Look The Other Way chords

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Look the Other Way - Justin Townes Earle

Capo 2

Intro Riff


         D                     Bm
Mama I'm hurting, in the worst way
         D                               Bm
I got no money in my pocket, no place to stay
           G                  D
And when I see you out in the streets
A                  D
Never know what to say
Oh but it doesn't matter mama
   A                         D
If you always look the other way

         D                          Bm
Mama I'm searching, every night and day
D                            Bm
I'm looking for the means to pay
            G                D
For all the wrongs that I've done
        A                          D
For the nights I left you alone to wait
Oh but Iím always gonna owe you
   A                         D
If you always look the other way


G     A     D
G     A     D

Bm          D
I've been a fool, I know
Bm                   D
I'm trying to find a way to show you
G               A
That you're the only one
G               A
The only one I'll ever want

       D                                 Bm
So I'm learning, learning to be a better man
D                             Bm
I'm not certain but I think I can now
             G                 D
Won't put it far for sure just know
          A               D
I've done all I can do to change
           G                     A                         D
But youíre never gonna notice if you always look the other way
Mama youíre never gonna notice...
A                            D
If you always look the other way

A   D

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