Justin Unger - In You Alone chords

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In You Alone
Intro: F2 C/E D

verse 1:
         G2                            D/F#
I canít cause the sun to rise up in the morning
          Bm                A              G
I canít take this life and make it go my way
          G2                                    D/F#
I canít control the way the storm moves on the ocean
           C2               G/B            Asus   A
I canít restore the hope I lost along the way
        G2   D/F#        G2    Asus   A
But You can, Lord I know You canÖ

           G              D/F#                 Asus   A
Cause You alone, You are God and Your in everything
      G              D/F#           Asus   A
You alone You are faithful to the end
         G                  D/F#                 Asus     Bm
I wont place my faith and trust in all these temporary things
             G                  Asus   A
Cause all eternity is in your hand
In You Alone

verse 2:
            G2                            D/F#
You have opened up our eyes along this journey
     Bm              A          D
But even still we tend to lose our way
           G2                                 D/F#
In our weakness we have found that you are faithful
         C2              G/B                Asus    A
To give the strength to make it through the day
             G2 D/F# G2              Asus     A
Because You can, We know You can, You can

F2 G2 D                F2 G2 Asus A
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