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Justin Vernon - Sides chords

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			     SIDES - Justin Vernon
Tabbed by:

Tuning: EADGCD

Capo: 5th fret

Note: This is my interpretation of the chords he uses in the song. I've got the 
1st and 2nd strings tuned down as it makes it sound closer to the recorded version 
and easier on the fingers for beginners to! 

Justin is well known to be experiment when it comes to guitar tunings (see Bon 
Iver's 'Skinny love' for example) so I might have fluked the right tuning. 
And if not, then it's pretty damn close! (to me anyhow). I'll apologize in advance 
for my haphazard way of writing chord tabs but hopefully you'll understand the 
gist of it if you listen to the song while practicing.

Please rate and give feedback! :)


(using chords that closely resemble to equivalent in standard tuning)

  C       Am      G       Em       F         F# (for use in last chorus)

d|-0-|  d|-0-|  d|-0-|  d|-0-|  d|-0-|     d|-x-|
C|-0-|  C|-0-|  C|-0-|  C|-0-|  C|-0-|     C|-x-|
G|-0-|  G|-2-|  G|-0-|  G|-0-|  G|-2-|     G|-2-|
D|-2-|  D|-2-|  D|-0-|  D|-2-|  D|-3-|     D|-2-|
A|-3-|  A|-0-|  A|-2-|  A|-2-|  A|-3-|     A|-0-|
E|---|  E|---|  E|-3-|  E|-0-|  E|-1-|     E|-2-|


C Em Am G 
F   G

C Em Am G
F   F   G

(i'd advise listening to the intro seeing as i'm not sure how best to place these chords...)

Verse 1

C      Em                 Am
    So I heard it from a friend
                 G                    F       G
That there was this guy that I should talk to
C           Em             Am
    So you let me in
      G                  F                G
Old big doors underneath a crucifix statue
C      Em                Am
    So I explained to you
      G               F              G
I was having troubles getting through
C             Em                Am
    And I was thinking of my end
        G                  F         G
It was just the sky I kept looking to      You said:


    I'm on your side
G                        C  Em  Am  G  
I thanked you and I cried
F      G
    I almost died

Verse 2

C         Em            Am
    I was making strides
      G                F     G
I was showing up every Sunday
C            Em             Am
    But I was still confused
          G              F        G
About the pain that had invaded me
C                 Em       Am
    And I'm still wondering
      G                 F      G
If my souls worth it to anybody
C        Em       Am
    You assured me
         G                  F         G
That the congregation would hear me...They said

Chorus 2

    We're on your side,
           G             C  Em  Am  G  
There's an unconditional kingdom
    That stands up high
          G              C  Em  Am  G
He   let's all believers in
F               G
    Through the forgiveness of sins

Verse 3

C        Em              Am                G           F        G
    So I explained to you     what was the cause of my suffering
C                Em       Am
    See it was a while ago
             G                        F           G
There was an alleyway and there was a group of men
C                 Em     Am
    And when they hurt me
     G                       F         G
They whispered that the gays had to pay
C             Em     Am
    When they beat me
          G         F         G
All of my worth was taken away
C         Em        Am
    See I needed you
        G                      F          G
And you know another lords own way through
C             Em      Am
    But I was unfolded
    G                          F          G
I believed there was something he could do
C                Em            Am
    But you just hung your head
                  G                    F       G
Told me it was the door I needed to be going to
C                    Em        Am
   "Son there's just principles
         G                        F     G 
I cannot be the one who helps you"        You said:

Chorus 3:

    I'm not your side
                G                   C  Em  Am  G 
You're probably paying for your sins 
    I don't understand your kind
    It isn't mine....(pause) 

Verse 4:

C               Em                    Am 
    Father your cold hearts a smoking gun
     G                                   F           G
Your cross ain't no where I want to hang my hope from
C                 Em                 Am
    There's still something I half believe
           G                          F        G
And that's why I'm leaving this world behind me
C          Em       Am            G                       F      G
    See my sexuality   don't have nothing to do with my integrity
C          Em                Am
    When I get into that land
     G                     F              G
I'll lead with the one who wears the crown    He will say:

Chorus 4:

    I'm on your side
    The side that's kind
    Judge not what's right
F#                                G (Downward strum from 6'th to 3rd string)
    In time you'll find   you left
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