Kaizer Place - One Peace To Live chords

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"One Peace To Live" by the band "Kaizer Place" from their debut album "Not Fade Away"

Debut album available on iTunes : 

Official website : http://www.kaizerplace.be
The song should be played with capo on the 4th fret.

Intro : Em / C /G / Am7 / Em

Verse 1 : Em / C /G / Am7 / Em
Youíre sitting on Sunday
No one knows you
To them you seem like a devil
Oh what if on this day
you ended up your life
What díu leave to humanity ?

Prechorus : Am / Em
Is anybody walking in this way ?
Is it real or just a dream ?
C/G / Am7 
Letís look out of the window ?
Letís look out of the window ?

Chorus : Em / C/G / G / B7
One peace to live in this world today
No, faith, thatís why I donít pray
So pleace, please
One Peace To live in this world today
In this world today
(Let ring)

Verse 2
No one knows your pain
Denying main troubles
Are we here to talk about it ?
No no no more affection
They need more attention
Would you like a cup of tea ?



Bridge : A7 / C/G
We can see this lolita in green
Oh, do you see Iím on my knees ?
One Peace x4
One peace to live in this world
No no no
No faith and I donít pray today

Words & Music by Laurent Lallemand
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