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Kaki King - Sunnyside tab

I used this video for reference:
The album version has a intro that I have yet to figure out.

The tuning is standard but if you play along with her it is slightly out of key. She 
be tuned a bit lower than standard or I am. I don't know. It sounds like the song when you 

e|----2-2---7-7---2-2---5-5----2-2-2-2------2-2-2-2--------------|  X2

After the end of the second time you play:
Play A tab 4 times during lyrics. One for each sentence. Then play B tab after every verse.

I wake up every morning, stretch my arms out wide
Splits my chest wide open, and I put my heart back inside.
You used to keep it in a jar but this metaphor has gone too far
And now it's just a work of art on my wall and in my mind.

When you get the courage and swim beyond the waves
And the stillness of the ocean will make our fear go away
Yeah, I fucked up good and well
And you put me through fucking hell
But good luck finding someone who can love you better than I,
Than I.

I wanted to be tangled up in someone long and blonde.
So honest in my belief that nothing would go wrong
But now all we can say we have are some photographs and wiener dog
That chews up everything I love and all the things you left behind

You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside
You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside
You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside
You're the girl I lost in Sunnyside

Watch the video for help with timing.
If I've made any mistakes please tell me! This is my first tab so there are bound to be some

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