Karen O And The Kids - Hideaway chords

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Capo 2
E6		022120
E		022100
Am7/9		002100
F#m		244222
F#m7		242222

E6    E                               Am7/9
Hideaway, well they`ll seat us in the sun, 
E6       E                              Am7/9
By the way, know you`ve always been the one, 
You`ll ask your reasons why, 
What once was yours is mine, 
My baby`s gone. 

Right away, gonna take me from my man, 
By the way, no they`ll never understand, 
We`ll have a bit of fun, 
watching everyone, 
Pass us by. 

You`ll ask your reason why, 
What once was yours is mine, 
My baby`s gone.
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