Karen O And The Kids - Heads Up chords

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Song: Heads Up
Artist: Karen O and The Kids
Album: Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack

I have not seen any other TAB for this song yet. Even though this is not complete 
I hope that it will encourage any other musician to complete it.

Any comments or revisions are appreciated.

Chords (sor far):

A      -  577655
Ab     -  466544
Gb     -  244322
E      -  022100
D      -  10 12 12 11 10 10
F#     -  x 9 11 11 10 9
E(2)   -  x79997
B      -  799877
C#     -  9 11 11 10 9 9

Intro : Clapping rythm throughout song: * ** *   * ** *   * ** *


Verse 1
A       Ab                  E                A               Ab
  Heads up, heads up, heads up, you hold me up, you hold me down and up and 
Gb              E
down and up and up and down

A       Ab                  E                A                Ab
  Heads up, heads up, heads up, you hold me glad, you told me now and then 
          Gb              E
every now and then every then and now

Verse 2
D                 F#   E(2)  
Not talking about hol-iday 
D                    Gb     E   
pretend my feet are running away 
D                       F#      E(2)
well if my feet dont touch the ground 
well hot sick fat lip 
fall before I get out of it

Verse 1 two more times
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