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Kasabian - Processed Beats Acoustic tab

I cant b bothered 2 show ya the strummin n that but these are the chords..dont know the names!!
if ya wanna see how its done TYPE IN 'KASABIAN ACOUSTIC' ON YOUTUBE n its the first 
nd the second song they do!!!

if ur not that good yet, u might not b able 2 sing this and play at the same time yet!!

---222222222222-------|   so basically all ur doin is playin the same chord
---222222222222-------|   barred nd liftin ur finga of the top string wen ur
---444444444444-------|   supposed to!!

It does this for the whole song nd then on the solo it goes like this while serge 
humms the tune...

---3344433666-----| n then it goes back to the ova bit!!

couldnt believe how shit the ovas were!!!
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