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Kasabian - Lets Roll Just Like We Used To chords

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Artist - Kasabian
Song - Let's Roll Like We Used To
Album - Velociraptor!

Out of my garden, passed the battle cruiser,
We jumped over cemetery gates,
There on the wasteland, we saw the horizon,
I noticed your pupils dilate.


G              Bm          F#m               G
They're at it again, let's roll just like we used to,
   G                   Bm        F#m                    G
In fields when we were young our hearts got lost in the circles,
   A      Bm     A        Bm
We had it all, a rise and fall.

Came from the booze and the fags generation,
And prayed for the mayhem to start,
You said you were foolish but I saw the genius,
In pulling the stitches apart.

Bm       D                 A             E 
So raise your glass to the ones who have passed,
        G              F#m
And the ones that got away, ohh.

Any questions or corrections drop me a message, love ♥
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