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Kashmir - Curse Of Being A Girl Acoustic chords

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Standard Tuning: EADGBe
Capo 3rd

there are a lot of ways you can do the timing on the strumming 
so basically you can do the timing of the song the way you want to

1st tab tell me what you think


G      320033
Am7    002010
Em     022000
Bm     244322
D      000232
Dsus4  000233
A7sus4 002030
Am11   002000
C      x32010
C*     020010
Cadd9  x32033
Em7    022033
F      133211
Em9    022002
D*     030400
E*     030200
B      x244xx


G                       Am7
You pretend that you're alright

Em                                  Bm
The worst noise is when you are keeping quiet

D    Dsus4   D         A7sus4  Am7  Am11  Am7  A7sus4 >>>V
You say you're not the kind of girl                      V
C            G                                           V
Who will dramatise                                       V
C     C*    Am7                                          V
and traumatise                                           V
   D    Dsus4   D          A7sus4 Am7 Am11 Am7 A7sus4    V
 22222---333---222-----------0-----0---0----0---0000     V
 33333---333---333-----------3-----1---0----1---3333     V
 22222---222---222-----------0-----0---0----0---0000 <<<<<
                      strum these once until the second A7sus4

Verse 2

G                                        Am7
Don't fold your hands, don't hold your toungue

Em                           Bm
The other girls will try to prove you wrong

D    Dsus4        D            A7sus4  Am7  Am11  Am7  A7sus4
Their words will toss you like a storm

C               G
You can't step aside

C    C*     Am7
You can't resign


D                       Em7    Cadd9
It's just the curse of being a girl

G                  F                 Em
Tonight, you must hold your head up high

D                         Em7   Cadd9
Be aware that you're the purest pearl

G                      Am7                  Cadd9
Tonight, shoot the reflections back in their eyes




repeat the verse two more times, then the chorus two more times,
and then end on the bridge
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