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Katchafire - Seriously tab

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Tuning: Standard

       Verse                             Bridge
   A                C#/Dbm           Am         Em
  5th fret         4th Fret         
e|-x-|---|---|   e|-x-|---|---|   e|---|---|  e|---|---|
b|-x-|---|---|   b|---|-x-|---|   b|-x-|---|  b|---|---|
g|---|-x-|---|   g|---|---|-x-|   g|---|-x-|  g|---|---|
D|---|---|-x-|   D|---|---|-x-|   D|---|-x-|  D|---|-x-|
A|---|---|-x-|   A|-x-|---|---|   A|---|---|  A|---|-x-|
E|-x-|---|---|   E|---|---|---|   E|---|---|  E|---|---|
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    A   C#    A    C#
Seriously, its been a long time
 A           C#
Since Iíve heard from thee
 A           C#
Since you dropped me a line
Well I know
What youíve been going through
And I know
What Iíve been telling you
 A           C#
Girl seriously give me another one
 A           C#
Wo yeah
 Am                                Em
I happen to know whatís gonna happen next
 Am                                Em 
The rhythm will pull you into this here jam
 Am                                Em
I reckon the rhythm just canít stop you moving
 Am                                Em
And everywhere you look people be dancing near Ė yeah

 A           C#
I donít drive no flashy car
 A           C#   
I donít wear no flashy ring girl
 A           C#
Shine eye girl
 A           C#
The one that i never know
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