Kate Bush - All The Love chords

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"All the Love"
From 1982's "The Dreaming"


	Bbm		Eb7			Bbm				Eb7
1. The	first time	I died was		in the arms of good		friends of mine

and so on.

The last Eb is moll!

	Bbm				Ebm
Say 	why do it now when I		won't be around I'm going out

We needed you to love us, too. We(I) wait for your move


Bbm			Bbm/Ab		Gbmaj7
All the love,		all the love		all the love we could have given

in the end it is

Bbm		Eb7		Bbm		Eb7
We needed	you		to love us	too

Bbm		Eb7		Bbm
	we	wait for	your move
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