Kate Bush - Under Ice chords

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"Under Ice"
By Kate Bush
From 1985's "Hounds of Love"

INTRO:   Am           F     Dm

It's wonderful

C         Dm          Am
Everywhere, so white

    F            Dm      
The river has frozen over

Not a soul on the ice

C      Dm            Am
Only me, skating fast

     F             Dm  
I'm speeding past trees leaving

Little lines in the ice

C          Dm           Am
Cutting out little lines

            C        Dm                Am
In the ice, splitting, splitting sound

            C        Dm             Am
Silver heels spitting, spitting snow

        F                Dm
There's something moving under us

Under the ice

       C         Dm             Am
Moving under ice  through water

          C       Dm            Am
Trying to  get out  of the cold water

"It's me"

C          Dm                  Am
Something, someone  help them

"It's me!" 
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