Kate Rusby - Awkward Annie tab

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			     AWKWARD ANNIE  Kate Rusby
Tabbed by: Caroline
Email: line305@hotmail.co.uk

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
These are kind of bar and power chords and its easier to play these than the proper 
of the chords.

E: 079900
B: 799877
A: 577655
C#m: 046644

Capo on 1st fret



Verse 1

   E             E
I gave to you a hen,
      E	           B
You gave it back again,
    B          A
Without it's eggs,
My Annie.
   E             E
I gave to you a hare,
      E             B
You really didn't care,
        A      B
Now it has no legs,
My Annie.


     A          E
Oh Annie let me in,
        A           E
I will fly, I will swim,
        A            E         B
I will die if you don't come near me,
C#m    A    E	     B
   Oh no, don't you say so,
     A      B        E
You are my dear, My Annie

[And then it just goes on in the same way]

I gave to you a dog,
You threw for it a log,
Now it won't come back,
My Annie.
I gave to you a pig,
Though it wasn't very big,
Now the meats all black,
My Annie.


I gave to you a cow,
You really don't know how,
It flew away,
My Annie.
I gave to you a horse,
I'm a silly fool of course,
For you rode away,
My Annie.


I gave to you my heart,
You tore it all apart,
When you rode away,
My Annie
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