Katelyn Tarver - Its Good chords

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Hello! This is my first contribution!
It's Good by Katelyn Tarver.
I'm not 100% sure! If I got anything wrong please comment below!

This is how she's plays it, hope you like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd6XuVYnwAk

Capo 6

Intro: C Cmaj Am F (X2)

Verse 1:
Looking forward not looking back, I'm
Losin' time not keeping track, I'm
Trying to keep my heart in tact, I'm
Trying to give what I gave back,
I'm Just a girl with crazy dreams
I see the sun and everything,
Am                             F
I hold onto what I believe like love, and trust,and you, and me.

C    Cmaj
It's good.
Am                  F
Everything will turn out like it should.
C                           Cmaj                 Am
I know that I'm gonna get it little bit right, a little bit wrong,
still I'm gonna sing my song, its good, so good.
C                   Cmaj
Like it should be. Oh Like it Should be.

Verse 2:

C Cmaj Am F

Chorus: C Cmaj Am F
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