Kathryn Williams - 6am Corner chords

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[Tabbed by syphaxe]

Pretty easy shizz...it can all be done in 1st position. The G7 is not quite a G7, but whatever...

(Repeats  C  G  Am  F)
Sunlight blooms and falls through your window
There's nothing wrong with the day
I hear a creak, of letting in shadows
Let's sit and hear what they say

Dm      Am       G7
You and I can be quiet

Sat still in the corner

Dm       Am             G
Let none in here but the dawn

(Long pause on G)
(Long pause on C)

(Again, repeats  C  G  Am  F)
I wish I was tired but sleep has gone walking
And your talking has no aim
But just as you are
Let's just sit looking I know we can see things the same

Dm      Am             G7
Eyes in space colored trace

None to catch us

Dm     Am           G
As the night slides away

(Hold on G)

(Repeats  C  G  Am  F   x  2)

(Again, repeats  C  G  Am  F)
I hear Daryl's voice come through the wall
Sweet talk is under her head
To lie with a man might keep me together
I hope I never say that again

Dm     Am         G7
For my one is the one

Who'll never be found

             G                  G  
Like some queens crown in the sand

....go ride a bike
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