Kathy Mattea - Love Is My Last Word chords

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(Love Is) My Last Word
 Capo 1 to play with recording:  From the Kathy Mattea Album “Innocent Years”
INTRO: Strum C-G-F twice
(C )I'm tired of this (Am)dance, we just (F) go 'round in circles
(G) Again and again, (C )I'm taking a (Am) chance
Telling the (F) truth 'cause (G) this has to end___
(F) I'm seeing a (C)new road, baby, if (F)you want to go you can (G) take my hand____
(C )'Cause I'm choosing (G)hope, I'm walking (F)faith
I'm praying to (G)God that it's not too (C) late
 I'm finding the (G)strength, I'm holding (F)peace
I'm making a (G)stand down on my (Am)knees
(D) You and I, (F)love is my last (G)word, not good- (Am) bye (F)

(C )I give you my (Am)word but (F) more than that I give you my (G)heart
(C )All I ask in (Am)return is you do the (F)same, it (G)can't be that hard
(F) I’m beside my- (C)self now, baby
(F) Asking for help and a (G)brand new start
CHORUS then : a second  “ not good – (Am) bye (F)” to BRIDGE
(G)Goodbye won't (C ) win this fight
(G) Goodbye won't make (C ) one thing right
(F) I believe in (C )you and I, (F) I've been waiting all my (G) life
to CHORUS plus add second (F) Love is my last (G)word, not ( C)goodbye  G-F then OUTRO 
Repeat C-G-F-G to fade
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