Kathy Mattea - Whereve You Been chords

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Where’ve You Been – Kathy Mattea


G   Em   C
C   D    G

Verse 1:

D                 Am       D
Claire had all but given up
      C      G/B   D/F#      Em
When she and Edwin fell  in love
D                   Am                D
She touched his face and shook her head
    C    G/B       D/F#       B7
In disbelief, she sighed and said
Am                   G/B
In many dreams I've held you near
C        G/B          Am     D
Now, at last, you're really here


G         Em   C
Where've you been
      C                            G
I've looked for you forever and a day
G        Em   C
Where've you been
Em                        D      G
I'm just not myself when you're away

Verse 2:

D                     Am       D
He asked her for her hand for life
     C     G/B    D/F#       Em
And she became a salesman's wife
D                 Am       D
He was home each night by eight
         C      G/B     D/F#      B7
But one stormy evening, he   was late
Am                        G/B
Her frightened tears fell to  the floor
C         G/B        Am      D
Until his key turned in the door

[Repeat Chorus]


C   D   G


They'd never spent a night apart
For sixty years she heard him snore
C                        G/B
Now they're in a hospital
     Am                        DDsusD
In separate beds on different floors

Verse 3:

D                     Am   D
Claire soon lost her memory
   C        G/B     D/F#       Em
Forgot the names of fa    -    mily
D                  Am   D
She never spoke a word again
C        G/B         D/F#      B7
Then one day, they wheeled him in
    Am                G/B
He held her hand and stroked her hair
C     G/B     Am        D
In a fragile voice she said

[Repeat Chorus]  (last chord from G to Em)


     D                               C
No, I'm just not myself when you're away
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