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Kathy Troccoli - Stubborn Love chords

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Intro: Bm  G  Bm  G

Verse I
          D         F#m
Caught again. Your faithless friend.
           Gm7b5        C#7
Don't you ever tired of hearing
       F#m       Bm    A
What a fool I've been?
Guess I should pray,
But what can I say?
        G#halfdim       C#7
Oh, it hurts to know the hundred times
       F#m        Bm
I've caused You pain.
        G#halfdim          C#7
The "forgive me" sounds so empty
        F#m    Bm
When I never change.
         G#halfdim        G       F#m
Yet You stay and say, "I love you still,"
   Bm        Em               A7
Forgiving me time and time again.

            D  Bm
It's Your stubborn love
That never lets go of me.
        A7                      D
I don't understand how You can stay
Am7  D7 G      A7          F#m     Bm
Perfect love embracing the worst in me
       Em              A7      Bm   G  Bm  G
How I long for Your stubborn love.

Verse II
(same chord progression as in verse 1)
Funny me.
Just couldn't see
Even long before I knew You,
You were loving me.
Sometimes I cry
You must cry, too
when You see the broken promises
I've made to you.
I keep saying that I'll trust You
Though I seldom do.
Yet You stay and say You love me still,
Knowing someday I'll be like You.

(Repeat Chorus) With D and Bb7 cue for 1 fret higher

Transpose 1 Step Higher for Guitar Solo and Last Chorus

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