Katie Melua - Better Than A Dream chords

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Better than a dream 
Katie Melua

Capo 3

C         Dm               G                  C    
I used to dream myself to somewhere else each night

F#m           Em
I dreamed in colour,

        G                  F, G
'cos I lived in black and white.

C        Em              
Until I chanced upon 

      Am              F
this road that led to you,

I couldn't see

                 Dm   G
How anything could be


   C, Dm      G
.. Better than a dream

Em, Am            F     C
Stranger than my wild imagination

   Dm                  G 
If this is a real sensation,

                   C       D#, G#, G
it's better than a dream.

C, Dm           G
Higher than the moon,

Em, Am        F        C
Hazy like a beautiful illusion.

Dm             G
Crazy and in confusion,

                   C  Dm D# G
And better than a dream.

C        Dm           G                C
I used to wish I was beyond some distant door,

F#m            Em
I knew there must be more 
    G               F,  G                        
to life and now I'm sure.

C            Em              
No dreams of pirate caves,
     Am               F            C
or Indian braves, or magic carpets could

             Dm   G
Ever be this good,


And better than a dream.
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