Katlyn Lowe - Maybe Someday chords

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Maybe Someday
Capo 3

Intro: C G Em D 2x
Verse 1:
C                              G             D
Another day, another day  and i still hear nothin
C                                 G                    D
Feel the same, feel the same of how I wish there's something
C                                     Em              D               C    D
I could do, I could say to make things change

Verse 2:
C                      G                   D
But I cant, no I cant make it different
C                           G                D
This is how, this is how it's gotta be
C                           Em          D             C
I know its crazy but I cant let go of this dream
Of you and me

Em  D         C               G
And I just wish I could see your face
Em   D        C             G                       C
And every day passes by, but I wonder why
    D        Em                   D
I put myself through this pain
C                    D
Dont get it now, but maybe someday

Intro Chords: C  G Em D  2x

Verse 3: 
Dont understand, understand why im stayin
Cant explain,
cant explain how im feelin
Cant let it go, it means to much to me
Cant you see
Am              Em         D          Am
I might look back and wonder why
               Em        D
You dont feel the same way,
Am                Em      D                 C              D
But I have to take a chance even if it all falls apart

Chorus x's 2
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