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Katzenjammer - Rock Paper Scissors chords

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Katzenjammer       Rock Paper Scissors

Intro:  Em, D    
Everything you want everything you do
D                          C
Everything and anything is up to you
Every single day starts with a riddle
D                  C
You can go left or right down the middle 

So take a little trip down the road and see
What youīre gonna find who you want to be
But you might have to pick between these three 


Em         C                  G               D
Rock Paper Scissors which one is itīs your decision
        Em               C              D
And no matter what you chose you gonna live it
Rock Paper Scissors 
Everybody wants to be happy so
D                         C
Take a look around find a hand to hold
If you really want you can change like the weather
   D                        C
No matter what you do itīll keep getting better 

Everything you want that is who you are
You can be the sun and the moon and the stars
Or the bass or the drums or the lead guitar

2x Chorus

Oooh,   Rock Paper Scissors . . .
Em        G
barabaram ba .....

3x Chorus

tabbed by SaJo:)
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