Keith Sharples - Ode To Maggies Millions chords

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ODE TO “MAGGIES MILLIONS”                    K. Sharples

C                          G
Back in the late 70’s when Maggie came to power
Am                        Em
Her & her old cronies, oh what a useless shower
There’s some that won’t remember, when Britain it was great
Dm                            G7
To return now to them times I guess it’s just too late

C                                       G
She closed down all the coal mines, put millions out of work
Am                                 Em
What a thoughtless action brought about by this daft birk
“Coal not dole” it was the cry of Arthur Scargils’ men
    Dm                                G7
She said “it’s all for progress”, but when will this begin?

C                         G
Many of these miners were left in poverty
Am                           Em
They were honest working men just like you & me
They toiled in danger underground providing Britain’s’ fuels
      Dm                               G7
Till’ Maggie put them on the dole just treating them like fools

    C                            G
She privatised the railways, the busses & the phones
Am                             Em
Leaving all the working men to pick upon the bones
Of the caucuses of industries, when all hope was gone
Dm                             G7
Looking down her nose again at every single one

        C                       G
All the time she was feathering hers & her friends nest
Am                      Em
Telling us for England, she knew what was best
Created things called “QANGO’s”, all chaired by her kind
     Dm                                G7
Who creamed off all the profits, while kissing her behind

      C                             G
There ended all apprenticeships coz industry was dead
Am                           Em      
Caring not one jot about how workers kids were fed
Telling us there’s work out there so get out on your bike
  Dm                               G7
I wish that she was here today I’d tell her “take a hike”…..(or words stronger!!)

    C                                G
The busses & the railway trains like clockwork used to run
       Am                              Em
‘till public transport suffered at the muzzle of her gun
No longer a public service it was all about the brass
    Dm                                    G7
The working man needs transport too, that bitch can kiss my ass

   C                          G
So when her final day is over I will go get pissed
    Am                           Em
And if I were a hit man she’d be there top of my list
Give all ex-miners shovels, pick axes as well
        Dm                      G7
They’ll dig her her own tunnel, right direct to hell

    C                           G
But will old Satan want her, oh that I really doubt
Am                                  Em
Just like Britain’s furnaces she’ll put hells fires out
When that fatal day it comes we’ll all find out in turn
Dm              G7               C          Csus4 C
Maggie Thatcher you’re not fit to burn!    
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