Keith Whitley - Im No Stranger To The Rain chords

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Key of E but played Capo 2nd Fret in "D Style"

D                           G
I'm no stranger to the rain I'm a friend of thunder Friend, is it any wonder 
          D               A                         C 
lightning strikes me I've fought with the devil Got down on his level, but I 
G                               A
never gave in, so he gave up on me

2nd verse:
D                            G
I'm no stranger to the rain  I can spot bad weather And I'm good at finding 
             D                  A                       C
shelter in a downpour I've been sacrificed by brothers  Crucified by lovers 
     G                             A                           D
But through it all I withstood the pain I'm no stranger to the rain

            G                         D                       G      
But when I get that foggy feeling The one I'm feeling now If I don't keep my 
               D               Bm                           F#m
head up, I may Drown  But it's hard to keep believing  I'll even come out   
     G                                      E          C         
even While the rain beats your hole in the ground And tonight it's really  
coming down

3rd verse:
D                                        G          
I'm no stranger to the rain But there'll always be tomorrow And I'll beg, 
                           D                 A              
steal, or borrow a little sunshine And I'll put this cloud behind me That's 
C                          G                                 A
how the man designed me To ride the wind and dance in a hurricane I'm no 
                Bm      E    G     A               D
stranger to the rain Oh no, I'm no stranger to the rain


(repeat first three lines of 1st verse,
 last five lines of 3rd verse)
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