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Keller Williams - Local chords

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When the darkness comes in the daytime

           A                            E
and it wraps around your head

And your dreams all turn to nightmares

                    A                   E
And you're afraid to go to bed

           A                        E
It's the mutation of the frustration

      B                      E
the activation that mixes with

        A                          E
The salivation and the motivation

                   B                    E
what you're left with is collaboration with the

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Local outdoor organic

A                                 E
Starin' at the northern lights

First thing in the morning, lord

A                     E
just before the night

local outdoor organic

A                     E
aiding us in our plight

A                                 E
feelin' the goods on a sunny day

B                             E
makes everything alright

A                                 E
feelin' the goods on a sunny day

B                                 D                         D --- Db --- E - E
makes me stay outta sight
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