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Kellie Pickler - Im On My Way tab

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Song: I'm On My Way
Artist: Kellie Pickler
Album: Small Town Girl

Capo 1st fret

I felt the power of forgiveness
I know not to let you down
I fly and I don't need a witness
To hold me, there's angels all around

My eyes have seen more than they want too
My heart has scars that run so deep
There's tears that I've had to let go of
There's dream I told myself I'd keep, no..

I don't give up easy
I got many miles to go 
But I can't wait to get to
But I've seen down this road
And all my life I've learned to
Just take it day by day
I'm not there yet 
But I know I'm on my way

I've looked out the window
When there's no hope in sight
But I swear I heard a whisper
Said it would be worht a fight

So I woke up one morning
And I put my fears aside
Now look how far I've come from
From the back of an endless line


I still got lessons to be learned
There's a choice at every turn
Someone up there cleared a path
And there's no turnin' back
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