Kelly Clarkson - If No One Will Listen chords

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Capo on 5th

G            D                 Em
Maybe no one told you there is strength in your tears
C            D                    G
And so you fight to keep from pouring out
C               Bm                   Em         D      C
But what if you unlock the gate that keeps your secret soul
       A                                   D
Do you think there's enough that you would drown?

If no one will listen
   D             G  
If you decide to speak
                Em        D               C
If no one's left standing after the bombs explode
If no one wants to look at you
    Bm              Em D A
For what you really are
I will be here still

Verse 2(same as verse 1)
No one can tell you where you alone must go
There's no telling what you will find there
And, God, I know the fear that eats away at your bones
It's screaming every step, "Just stay here"


then C D G   Em D C

G                          D                Em
If you find your fists are raw and red from beating yourself down
C                       D             G
If your legs have given out under the weight
C           Bm                         Em    D  C
If you find you've been settling for a world of gray
So you wouldn't have to face down your own hate

end with chorus x2
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