Kendel Carson - Oh Baby Lie Down chords

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SONG: Oh Baby Lie Down
ARTIST: Kendel Carson
WRITTEN BY: Kendel Carson and Chip Taylor
ALBUM: Alright Dynmaite
Tabbed for The Blue Rodeo Guitar Tab Archive -

Cappo 2nd fret

G - D - Em - C - D

G  D        Em             C            G    D  
Oh baby lie down - next to me - next to me
G   D           Em              C            D   G 
No worries - no sound - next to me - come on down

G    D         Em                C                G  D
I am naked and cold - place your boots beneath my bed
G             D        Em                C                 D   G
Just like the poets of old - whisper the dance inside your head


G        D            Em      C                     G   D
Sunshine comes and it flies - darkness comes and it stays
G             D             Em      C                     D      G
With just the light in your eyes - that's all that matters anyway


G       D     Em               C             G      D
So this story begins - kiss me there - stay a while
G        D             Em      C               D    G   
A candle brushed by the wind - forever burning again

(chorus) x2
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