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Kenny Chesney - Keg In The Closet tab

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the cadd9 can be changed to C to suit your 
taste in sound if you like. and on the G it is strummed 
2 times to make a 4 its like..G,G,D,Cadd9...
thanks for veiwing and please let me know what you think.
so i can fix mistakes.

INTRO: (C), G, D, Cadd9(x4)

         G                         D           Cadd9
We had a dog named Bocephus livin in the front yard

G                         D         Cadd9
He liked sleeping out on top of the car

G                       D    Cadd9
He drank beer out of a mason jar

          A7                       D
And he climbed up on everyone and beg

G                         D    Cadd9
White frame house in a college town

G                         D       Cadd9
A bunch of people always hanging around

G                     D       Cadd9
No real problems we needed to drown

          A7             D
But we'd try our best anyway

Am               Cadd9            Am
We went to class just to pass the time

Back in '89


We had a keg in the closet 

      D       Cadd9
Pizza on the floor
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 G                   D    Cadd9
Left over from the night before

  G                      D            A7       
Where we were going we didn't really care

        C            D
We had all we ever wanted

And that Keg in the closet


  G                        D      Cadd9      
This ol' guitar taught me how to score

 G                      D       Cadd9   
Right there on that Lambda Chi porch

 G                     D    Cadd9
Mary Ann taught me a little more 

        A7                    D
about wanting what you can't have

  G               D      Cadd9
Sweatshirts and flag football

  G                    D   Cadd9
Spring Breaks down in Panama

  G            D      Cadd9
For awhile we had it all

            A7                D
We never dreamed it wouldn't last

Am               Cadd9            Am
We went to class just to pass the time

Back in '89


Em      C                G
We all kinda went our separate ways

Em      C                  D
But I swear it seems like yesterday

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