Kenny Chesney - Sherrys Living In Paradise chords

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I felt like we needed this beautiful song here!

Sherry's Living In Paradise
by Kenny Chesney

Capo on 2

Sherry's living in paradise
D               D/F#          G                    A
Slinging drinks at a bar down by the beach and you know she
Came here from LA.
D            D/F#             G    
Southern California could not hold her dreams
      Em           A
She's happy now it seems

                D    D/F#         G 
'Cause Sherry's living, living in paradise
Em                   A
Chasing something or running from something
Em                            A
Had a lot of lovers that were good for nothing
    D     D/F#                  G  
And she's thought about leaving once or twice
          Em               A                  G
But she's still in the sun and this laid-back life
         A         G         
Sherry's living in paradise

Sherry's living in paradise
D                 D/F#                     G                    A
Somehow the salty air, it soothes her soul, she says it makes her whole.
She gets hit on by the tourists
D                   D/F#                   G    
But she brushes it off 'cause she's heard every line
      Em           A
She just takes it in stride

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