Kenny Chesney - You And Tequila chords

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This is a very simple way to play the song when just singing along by yourself, I 
find the power chords give it a fuller sound and are mindless to play while 
singing. Just my opinion though hope you enjoy!


  G          Bm        C         D         Em
e-3-        -2-       -3-       -2-       -x-
a-3-        -3-       -4-       -3-       -x-
d-4-        -4-       -5-       -2-       -0-    
g-5-        -4-       -5-       -0-       -2-
b-5-        -2-       -3-       -x-       -2-
e-3-        -x-       -x-       -x-       -0-


G Bm C 


G           Bm   C    G                   Bm     C
Baby here I am again, kicking dust in the canyon wind
G        Bm      C           G Bm C
Waiting for that sun to go down
G               Bm     C      G             Bm     C
Made it up Mulholland Drive, hell-bent on getting high
G      Bm       C          G    
High above the lights of town


D                        G      
You and tequila make me crazy
D                          G
You run like poison in my blood
Bm                             Em
One more night could kill me, baby      
C                                 D         G Bm C G Bm C
One is one too many, one more is never enough


Em                    A
When it comes to you, oh the damage I could do
Em                            C      
It's always your favorite sins that do you in

G Bm C
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