Kenny Rogers - The King Of Oak Street chords

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I just love this song so much that I had to figure it out and share it with the rest of you.
I know it's not 100% correct, but it sure sounds sweet when played nice and slow 
on an acoustic guitar.


       A		  D		    A
Like a leaf caught in the wind he drifted a while
		     D  	    A
With no purpose or direction to his life
            D 		  E
He tried to get himself together
A                 D
   And pacify his mind
       A	     E	 	      A
And forget about the things he left behind.

	  E			       A
A cryin' woman he left standing in his door
       F#m 	     E	         A
With a two month old baby in her arms
		 E		    	    A
His little black book he left torn upon the floor
         F#m            D 	        E
God only knows he never meant to do her wrong.

A careless weekend on the other side of town
Has torn the king of Oak Street's Castle down
And all week long he's tried to phone her
But she won't let him explain
Now Sunday morning finds him walking in the rain.

He sits now in a phone booth and he prays
That she'll forgive him
And she'll believe he's changed his ways
With shaking hands he deposits his last dime
And he's still praying that she won't hang up this time.

Then the sweetest voice he's ever heard says “hello”
Breakfast's almost ready baby, come on home
I've thought the whole thing over
And I think I understand
That the king of Oak Street is just an ordinary man.

     D			     E
I've thought the whole thing over
A 		      D
   And I think I understand
         A                             E        A
That the king of Oak Street is just an ordinary man.

There it is. Any corrections/comments are always welcome. Enjoy.
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