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Kent - Saker Man Ser Things She Said tab

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    C   Am FM7  Dm  G
G||-0---2---2---2---0---|| These are all the chords for the song.
D||-2---2---3---0---0---|| Below is the order, and below THAT are
A||-3---0---0-------2---|| the lyrics. Listen to the song to hear the.
E||-0---------------3---|| changes.    ***FM7=M major 7***

Note: Each time a chord is named, it is played for one measure (4 beats!), (C A) and
if it is for a half measure each, then they will be joined together like 
this (Am/G).

Intro: C Am FM7 FM7......x4
Verse: C Am FM7 FM7 C Am Dm/C G (this G carries into the next part)
Chorus: Am/G C/FM7 Am/G FM7 FM7
Transition: Am/G FM7/C......x3 then: Am/G FM7 FM7
Bridge: C Dm Am G G Dm FM7 FM7
Intro: x2
Transition then end on a C chord
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