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Kentin Jivek - Oswald chords

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Em G Em G Em

Have you heard about him? 
He’s the scapegoat you've never heard of
Traditional education…
with its pitfalls, with its weaknesses

That's human and that’s normal
Spekulationen (spekoulatsioneu)
Unspoken Bemerkungen (bemerkoungen)
Heuchelei (reuchelaille)
C Em C Em x2

Why are shadows longer in the winter than in the summer?
Don’t pull the trigger, it would make them too happy…
C Em C Em G Em

Help me to not implode, then Clean yourself up 
Do something afterward to make you feel happy again
Tears are a sign of strength. 
"We don't fall apart, we fall together”
C Em C Em G Em
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