Kesha - Cunx Tuesday chords

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I based this off of one I found on this site, but it wasn't too exact so I tweaked 
it a bit. Not sure who wrote the last one.

C U Next Tuesday Ė Ke$ha

Capo 4

All chords standard fingerings except for Cadd9

Cadd9: x32033

G                         Em
I was looking lost it was cold outside
    G                     Em
The whiskey rocks how you caught my eye
   G                     Em
My red lips painted, all dressed in black
  G                   Em
I needed something to bring me back
    G                    Em
You knew the play and we danced all night
    Cadd9                D
But something wasnít right
   G             Em
So Iíll c u next Tuesday
If I ever get desperate
Or Iím so beyond faded
          G             Em
Just said Iíll c u next Tuesday
      Cadd9                         D
Kinda nice how this morning I wonít sit around waiting
      G                              Em
And Iím not just being cold Iím just watching you pretend
          Cadd9                          D
Like your heart is on your sleeve when I know you have a girlfriend
G             Em
Iíll c u next Tuesday
Cadd9  D   G   Em
Oh, Oh
    G                  Em
You donít call and you wonít admit
    G                      Em
The lies you spin for your power trip
  G                   Em
I just canít take you seriously
     G                 Em
When all you send is a text to me
   G                     Em
So Iíll be gone when the morning comes
      Cadd9               D
Letís not pretend itís love

D                          Em
I donít want anything from this
                        Cadd9                             D
I got your number donít call me Iíll call you if I need a hit

D                       Em
I donít need drama from this
                          Cadd9                     D
I know you got a girl and I donít need a dude on my s***


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