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Kev Carmody - Thou Shalt Not Steal chords

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T h o u   S h a l t   N o t   S t e a l

   G         D               A                 Bm
In 1788 down Sydney Cove the first boat people land.
     G              D                      A                Bm
Said sorry boys our gains your loss, we're gonna steal your land
           G             D                 A               Bm
and if you break our new British laws, for sure your gonna hang
            G         D             A                       Bm   
or work for life like convicts with chains on your neck and hands.

C H O R U S:

They taught us
G           D                    A
Wo oh Black woman thou shalt not steal.
G           D                  Bm
Oh oh Black man thou shalt not steal.
            G                      D               A                Bm
We're gonna civilize your black barbaric lives and teach you how to kneel,
         G                         D               A                 Bm
but your history couldn't hide the genocide, the hypocrisy to us was real.
          G                  D                   A               Bm      
Well your Jesus said your supposed to give the oppressed a beter deal.
          G       D                         Bm
We say to you yes white man, thou shalt not steal.
   G         D                 A
Oh yeah, our land you'd better heal.

     G               D                   A              Bm
Your science and technology, hey you can make a nuclear bomb,
  G               D                     A           Bm
development has increased its size to 3 million megatonnes.
           G            D                        A              Bm
But if you think that's progress, I suggest your reasoning is unsound.
              G         D                  A               Bm
You should've found out long ago, you best leave it in the ground.

C H O R U S:
G               D                   A                       Bm
Me and Neil and Rednut sitting underneath the Indooroopilly bridge,
G                     D                      A                    Bm
watchin' that blazin' sun go down behind the tall tree'd mountain ridge.
     G                       D                A                  Bm
This land's our heritage and spirit, here the rightful culture's black
       G                 D                       A            Bm
and we sittin' here just wondering when we gonna get our land back.

C H O R U S:

    G          D                   A               Bm
You talk of conservation, keep the forest pristine green.
       G                D             A                    Bm
Yet in 200 years your materialism has stripped the forests clean.
      G                D              A             Bm
And a racist's a contradiction that's understood by none.
     G                         D            A                  Bm
Most in their left hand hold a bible, their right hand holds a gun.

C H O R U S:

I think this is mostly correct with the A interposed with an A5 002200
Another Koori Klassik. Comments, corrections and/or rating appreciated. Enjoy!
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