Kevin Ayers - Religious Experience Singing A Song In The Morning chords

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Artist: Kevin Ayers
Song: Religious Experience (Singing a Song in the Morning)

Tabbed by: IntCos


Marvellous song that really demonstrated the ethos of Kevin Ayers as well as that 
of his collaborator
Syd Barrett. They are backed by none other than the members of Caravan.

There's an acoustic guitar strumming the chords as well as an electric lead that 
Ayers had stated was
played by him.

Each verse consists of ten measures, with interspersed bridges of eight measures.


|F#     |F#     |F#     |F#     |


F#                             B                   F#

Singing a song in the morning, singing it again at night

  B                        F#                    E                      F#

I don't even know what I'm singing about, but it makes me feel I feel alright yeah yeah

E               B      F#

Makes me feel I feel alright

[Repeat again and again]

The distinctive lick over the E chord:

 E               F#


MIDDLE EIGHT (included above the measures is the vocal melody):

 G#  B   B   A#  F# (melody notes)

|B      |C#     |F#     |F#     |

 G#  B   B   A#  F# (melody notes)

|B      |C#     |F#     |F#     |
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