Kevin Devine - Like Cursing Kids tab

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Verse 1:
             A                             Bm
I saw your freckles on the shoulders of a stranger today
        E               A
And my heart leapt, my heart leapt 
           A                              Bm
I saw the sickle of your dimple slice the side of her face 
        E               A
And my heart leapt, my heart leapt 
              A                                  Bm
But then she faced me while we wrestled for our place on the train
        D                            E
Kabuki makeup, a labret ring I kept out of her way
                 A                               Bm
You're not that actress playing dress-up on the subway today
       E                  A
So my heart keeps leapin' on

Verse 2:
I tried to catch you in a couplet on my 4-track today
But my tongue tied, my tongue tied
I couldn't figure how to fit you on the spin of the tape
So my tongue tied, my tongue tied 
The words are small and insignificant,confused and cliche
I saw my promise and potential through my guilt and my shame
I couldn't catch that in a couplet on my best goddamn day 
My tied tongue tumbles on

Dm         A
Shake and shiver 
     Bm         A       E
And laugh like cursing kids 
             Dm      A
And all our fitful failures 
     Bm   A       E
Fit everytime we kiss
So cross your fingers, place your bets 
And hold that glow in your face
       E                A    
Let my big mouth ramble on


Repeat Chorus 
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