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Kevin Devine - Haircut chords

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i don't know much about tabbing...and this song uses a chord uses the same fingering as
f, but slid up to the fifth fret on the D string rather than the third, so it's a
i don't know the specific name of it. for purpose of differentiation, i'll call it 
cause that's not a real chord, so there's no chance for confusion. someone correct it if
know what it's called.

                           D          G12
"I saw your haircut in a storefront

             A                 D
The choppy sides and perfect bangs

                               Em                  G
I loved the way it framed the model's cheebones

              A              D
The blank expression on her face

D                                    G12
So I went inside and tried to buy it

            A                 D
But I got told it's not for sale

                          Em                    G
I got embarrassed and I decked the sales clerk

           A                D
Stole the wig and ran like hell

D                                    G12
And I figured I would come show you

            A                    D
So I kept runnin' towards your house

                           Em                G
Then I remembered I don't have your address

                  A               D
At least not the one you live at now

D                                  G12
So I headed home to get collected

            A                 D
To let the red flush from my face

                                Em                 G
I took out my notebook and I sketched you smilin'

            A                D
I like to think of you that way

D                                   G12
And I put your haircut in my closet

             A                   D
Next to your tshirts and your cards

                              Em             G
I turned the light out and I sunk in slowly

           A                  D
Countin' sheep and breathin' hard

                                  Em    G
But when it comes it's way too quickly

               A                   Bm    Em
And it busts apart the faith I've grown

                                 G         A
See, I can't stop myself from hurtin' you

So I guess I won't

i think that's it. sorry i don't know the name of that one chord. learned it by ear and
no idea what it's called. someone fix that?
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