Kevin Devine - Bloodhound Acoustic chords

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This is how Kevin plays Bloodhound acoustically. 
Here's a video:

Bdim: x0343x

Riff 1: F# slide up to A (power chord) x2

Or in tab form

||4/7-7| x2

If you can do it comfortably, I recommend holding the "D" shape between A and Bdim and 
sliding between the two.

During the bridge you may like to drop the high E string when playing the D chord 
occasionally. It's also fun
during this section to use the power chord (577xxx) version of A, so that you can slide 
back into the E.

If you try and play along with the video, then you'll realise Kevin is using an 
alternate tuning (I don't know what). If anyone can enlighten me then that would be
great and I'll update this page.

This song is really fun to play, enjoy!

PS Good luck with the "woo" parts.

A            Bdim
When I was a boy,
A            Bdim
I dreamt like a man
I knew something was coming
And I should be waiting

A       Bdim
I was assured
A                   Bdim
The ground wouldn't hold
All those nights in my bunk bed
E                 Riff 1
Learning to float

D                     Riff 1
That's how I got here
D      A           Riff 1
With a broken nose
D      A        Bm
And a skeptic's eye
I earned every night

A             Bdim
A             Bdim

A             Bdim  (linger after strumming this chord)
Up on that hill
F#              D
At a sniper's remove
My lightning & arrows
   E               Riff 1
My burden of proof

D                 Riff 1
I made my mind up
D          A           Riff 1
At least I think I did
D       A        Bm
I could never be sure
All these voices at war

F# D E A E

I blocked the one road
Locked every gate closed
E                  A    E
I papered over the bridge
And then I found out
My heart's a bloodhound
E                 E7               Riff 1
Always searching, always searching

D                       Riff 1
That's how you got here
D          A            Riff 1
Despite my best design
D        A       Bm
I picked up your scent,
And I let you sneak in.

A               Bdim             |
                     Woooooooo   | Repeat four times

Tabbed by Lawrence Holmes
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