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Kevin Devine - Not Over You Yet tab

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Not sure what all the chord names are. But this is pretty spot on.
Listen to the song for timing. :)

E: 022100
F#m: x44200
G#m: x66400
A*: x77650   (Hammer-on and pull off the fifth fret b string to open multiple times)
B*: x99870
A: 577655
B: 799877
C#m: x46654
E*: x7x9xx

Intro: (The little fills aren't necessary, but they sound nice and Kevin plays them most, if not all the time :))

E|-You don't need to strum this string---------------|

E        F#m      G#m
You were always cute
But goddamn! you got hot
          F#m               G#m                             E
Hot enough to streak the streets white with sunspots when you walk
     F#m          G#m                     E
And I'm still obsessed with cowboys and Indians
       F#m                G#m                      A*  
And you're bitin' your lip when you lose your breath
I'm not over you yet

E   F#m   G#m
E   F#m   G#m

E        F#m      G#m       
I know I will not call
It's this decision I've made
       F#m       G#m                          E
So I'm up all night chanting, "Vow I can't break"
   F#m           G#m                          E
I might bite my nails so I can't scratch my face
           F#m         G#m                          A* 
But I'd still cut my hair if you asked the right way
I'd at least comb it anyway

E  F#m  G#m

         C#m         A      
You're still on my towels
In my eyerolls and scowls
    C#m           A         
And I know what I did, and why
         E*   B
But that don't mean I can't regret it

When I'm watching my TV all night
E  F#m  G#m                 E  F#m  G#m
         Iím not over you yet
E  F#m  G#m                 A* B* E
         Iím not over you yet
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