Kevin Fowler - If These Old Walls Could Talk chords

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(Capo at 2nd. Fret)
Intro:  G

               G                         D
If these old walls could talk, I'd be a sad man
               C                          G                 D 
She'd left me long ago, If she knew the things I did back then
                G                           D
No, they ain't said a word, Stood silent through it all
           C         D                  G     
I'd be a lonely man,     If these old walls could talk

           C           D                              G           C
This old house of ours, It's made of stone but it's built on sand
And these four walls they are my best friends
         C                               D          
They're keepin' all my past locked deep in-side
             C        D                                G     C            
No one will ever know, All those things I did so long ago
                             G            Em - C                          
I've been runnin' tryin' to hide from yesterday
But there's just no need, I know my secrets safe

Repeat Chorus:

 C                        D
They've stood every storm , Those long cold winter nights
      G            C
They kept us warm, Holdin' back the rain
 G            Em                             C
Not even the winds of change, Could blow down
Yeah, we're on solid ground

Repeat Chorus:

Lead Ride:    (Steel)   G - D - C - D 
              (Fiddle)  G - D - C - G 

 Em                 D            C             G
They've stood the test of time, Never let me down
              Em            D             C
I've put it all behind me, They remind me
I'm on shaky gro - und
They won't let me forget

Repeat Chorus:

 G               C         D (Stop)                    G
Yeah, I'd be a lonely man,           If these old walls could talk
          D                      C
I'd be a sad man, She'd left me long ago
             D                                   G
If she only knew all those things I did back then
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