Kevin Johnson - Shaney Boy chords

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Shaney boy. Kevin Johnson 

G              C                D             G
Little boy you seem to wake up earlier every morning 

G                      C                D
Come running from your bed to greet the day

G                     C                    D              G/
With a pair of sleepy eyes that could have slept a little longer

Em            C       C/B    Am7                D
But you've a thousand urgent things you have to say.

C                      D              G          /Em
And the morning passes quickly in the springtime 

        C                      Am7         D7
and the springtime brings such fascinating games

C              D                  G             /Em
Puppy dogs and chocolate frogs and fishing lines

C/              C/B     C/Am7  C/Gbass   D7             G  
and pretending that you didnt hear your mommy call your name.

Shaney Boy your lunch is growing cold here on the table
and you have to eat these things to make you grow
and I know youre only scared that youll be missing out on something
but even busy people have to eat you know.
And the afternoon goes quickly when theres good times
and theres good times in the garden every day
Little friendly butterflies that flutter by 
and a little friend to help you chase those butterflies away.

Shaney Boy those eyes of yours are looking kind of drowsy
and I know you never want the day to end
but just think if you close your eyes and lie back on your pillow
Wont be long before the mornings here again.
And the Morning passes quickly in our lifetime
and before you even notice that its gone.
So little boy I'm noticing the nice times now
Cos I know that little boys dont stay little boys for long

Repeat first part of first verse. 

Thats it. 1st tab . Hope its useful to someone.
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